Learn about the different types of medical insurance coverage.

Types of Coverage There is a wide variety of medical insurance packages to suit every need, preference or budget. As you compare prices, also look at the level of protection they offer for the following medical situations:
In-patient. You have to stay in the hospital overnight. Will they cover room and board aside from tests and doctor's fees?
Out-patient. You don't have to stay in the hospital, but you need laboratory tests, treatment, and consultations with various specialists.
Day-patient. You have to stay in the hospital, but you can leave by the end of the day.
Most insurance policies will give a list of injuries, illnesses, and tests included in its coverage. Some will even state where you should seek treatment to qualify for reimbursement. Always ask for their list of accredited clinics and hospitals, and check if these centers are equipped to handle emergencies or a broad range of conditions. Some policies may offer cheaper premiums, but may not include the larger hospitals which have the latest testing equipment and the more renowned specialists. If your injury or condition requires you to seek treatment there, an overly-limited policy will force you to pay for the treatment yourself.